Time is money; photos take time. Get the most of your photos and time with Kirstin Gellatly.

Kirstin Gellatly is a fashion stylist based in New York City.

Beginning her career freelancing at SW26 RR Donnelley Studios for Ralph Lauren in 2007, Kirstin quickly developed an eye for the perfect photo shoot. She quickly moved into an in-house position at Ralph Lauren and worked her way up to Director of Styling. At Ralph Lauren, she fine-tuned the photo shoot process, optimizing time-management while maintaining the artistry required of a high-caliber brand. After several years at the company, she decided to return to freelance and expand her portfolio. Her natural talent combined with extensive experience provides the perfect opportunity to showcase a product in the best possible light, allowing its true value to shine through.

Kirstin is proficient at on-figure (men's, women's, and children), still life, and editorial styling, and has experience working with models of all ages and sizes. She is also available for a variety of services, including coordinating a shoot from start to finish. Hiring the right photographer, booking a location, and arranging for hair and makeup as needed are all part of her skill set. Her goal is to help you maximize the shoot to its fullest potential so that you end up with images that proudly represent your brand.

Kirstin is proud to have worked with both emerging and well-established brands. To see a  list of clients Kirstin has had the pleasure of styling for, click here.


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